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Overview of Our Programs

At Empowering Abilities, we strive to help people become productive members of the community. By being consumers, employees, taxpayers, and neighbors, our participants achieve a sense of belonging.

From their work, they experience pride and satisfaction for doing a job well and being rewarded with a paycheck. By living in the community, they learn what it’s like to pay bills and how to be a responsible citizen and a good neighbor. Individuals with disabilities have the same fundamental rights and needs as everyone else. They want to be loved, feel worthy and to be part of their community. We help people achieve those goals.

For more information regarding our programs, please contact us or call 563-391-4834.

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Designed to help our participants achieve their individual best, our programs are innovative, inclusive, and ready to create opportunities and change lives.

Daily Discovery

Operating during the day at two different locations, Daily Discovery allows participants to choose from many different activities to learn skills and experience the community.

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Employment Services

Helping individuals with special needs learn work skills and find jobs. Prevocational classes are available, as well as job coaching for on-the-job support.

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Endeavor Living

Endeavor Living provides support to individuals to be as independent as possible in a house, apartment, condo, or somewhere else.

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Residential Center/Group Homes

The Residential Center offers a caring home to up to 60 people who have access to nursing and therapy services. Three group homes are another residential option for people who are looking for a supportive environment in a smaller home atmosphere.

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Power the positivity

Help support our services as we empower more individuals with special needs

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Making a donation makes a lasting impact. Help fund life-changing opportunities for people with special needs.



Your support makes it all possible. Get involved by volunteering, advocating, or sharing your resources.

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Filling an essential community need

We’re dedicated to helping our participants achieve success and happiness.

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